The Complete Guide for BMW E90 & E92 328i

The Complete Guide for BMW E90 & E92 328i. E90 and also E92 328i models continue to be amongst the last BMW 3-series to make use of natural desire. This makes the 328i a very desirable cars and truck to some. There are several various other characteristics that make the E90 328i a wonderful car to have and also drive. The E90 & E92 328i come in with a weight around 3,350 lbs and supply 230 horsepower– great for a 0-60 time of 6.1 secs. In this post, we’ll break down the complete listing of specs for the 2007-2013 BMW 328i. We additionally talk about some FAQ’s, engine troubles & reliability, performance, tuning, and also extra.

E90 vs E92

We will certainly return to this subject later on in this post. For now it’s important to set out several of the essentials before we dive into the specs for the 2007 to 2013 328i. The E90 and E92 coincide generation 3-series. E90 represents the car while E92 is the coupe. They both utilize the exact same BMW N52 engine, so the engine specs will continue to be the same.

However, the E90 and also E92 classification indicates the automobiles actually lie upon various framework. Specs such as 328i weight, length, ground clearance, etc do differ depending upon coupe vs car. We’ll do our finest to break down the exact specs for both the E90 and also E92 328i. They are in fact extremely comparable despite their various framework.

The Complete Guide for BMW E90 & E92 328i

* We’ll utilize the term E9x multiple times in this write-up where certain info applies to both the E90 as well as E92. For example, in the next heading considering that both 328i designs make use of the very same exact engine.

BMW E9X 328i Engine Specs

Engine specs for the BMW N52 engine in the E90 & E92 328i are as follows:

Engine BMW N52B30
Configuration Inline-6
Displacement 2996 cc (3.0L)
Aspiration Natural
Lubrication Wet sump
Block Material Magnesium-Aluminum
Head Material Aluminum
Valvetrain DOHC, 24 valves
Compression 10.7 : 1
Bore x Stroke 85mm x 88mm (3.35″ x 3.46″)

The N52 engine in the 328i is a naturally aspirated 3.0 L inline-6. It makes use of a lightweight magnesium & aluminum block to help keep weight off the front axle. The head is also light weight aluminum, and also features DOHC for a total of 24 valves. BMW N52 328i engines use digital throttle control, valvetronic, and also double-vanos. All of this innovation aids provide far better performance as well as fuel economy.

328i Performance & Fuel Economy Specs

Some performance specs for the BMW E9x 328i with the N52 engine include:

Horsepower 230 hp @ 6500 rpm
Torque 200 lb-ft @ 2750 rpm
0-60 MPH 6.1 sec
1/4 Mile 14.7 sec @ 96 mph
Top Speed 130 mph
EPA City/HWY 18/28 mpg

Performance specs for the BMW 328i are really nearly the same between the sports car as well as car. Driver, conditions, road surface area, and more play a much larger role in any type of distinctions. Depending upon where you discover E90/E92 328i 0-60 as well as 1/4 mile times they are the same between both automobiles.

The only exception is the E9x 328xi AWD variation because that includes regarding 200-250 extra pounds of weight. Putting power to all 4 wheels additionally brings about a lot more frictional power losses. Therefore, the 328xi AWD will typically be slower than the RWD versions by around 0.5 seconds from 0-60 mph. The exact same can be claimed for fuel economy as a result of the weight and also power losses; xi models will get less MPG.

E90 3-Series Performance & Tuning

Performance numbers were above in the specs, so we’ll avoid discussing that much. We truly intend to stick to aftermarket tuning and also modding possibility of the E90 328i in this section. Normally aspirated engines normally aren’t affordable to choose up strong power gains. Without forced induction it’s testing to get a great deal of horsepower as well as torque.

The E9x 328i does have some advantages. BMW really offered the E90 330i in the United States with the very same N52 engine making 252 horsepower. The 328i is just a de-tuned engine with a various consumption manifold. There’s a great quantity of power to be had with a tune and also intake manifold from the 330i.

Include some headers and various other mods and also the E90 & E92 328i can getting into the 270-290hp ballpark. We wrote an in-depth write-up about a few of the best performance mods for the N52 328i below.

The Complete Guide for BMW E90 & E92 328i

BMW E90/E92 Handling

This is where our company believe the 328i actually radiates. It’s lighter than the exact same E90 generation 335i as well as M3. The weight balance is additionally better with much less weight over the front of the vehicle. No, it’s not mosting likely to out-handle the fabulous E90/E92 M3. However, the 328i still has lots of performance as well as managing to offer.

Throw on some aftermarket suspension and M3 control arms and also you’ll have an amazing cars and truck. That’s not to say it misbehaves in supply type either. If it is lacking a bit of power by modern standards, the E90 328i is a truly fun as well as interesting chauffeurs cars and truck also.

It’s also hydraulic steering on the E9x 3-series framework. Prior to the days of the electrical steering, which we’re not big followers of. The E90 and also E92 328i provide wonderful steering feel, reaction, as well as feedback. Overall, it deals with plenty well to deliver an amazing experience behind the wheel.

E90/E92 328i Size, Dimensions, Weight

Specs for size, weight, as well as dimensions of the E90 as well as E92 328i are:

Chassis E90 328i E92 328i
Body Style 4 Door Sedan 2 Door Coupe
Curb Weight 3340 lbs 3351 lbs
Wheelbase 108.7 inches 108.7 inches
Overall Length 178.2 inches 181.1 inches

Apart from the distinction in doors these cars are actually quite similar. Weight for the E90 is a little lower since it rests virtually 3 ″ shorter in length than the E92 coupe. Nevertheless, the exact weight of each E90/E92 328i differs a lot so neither car has a little bit edge here. Even small high-end options can make a huge difference in 328i weight. Beginning including premium bundles, a sunroof, and so on and also the weights can build up quickly.

It is essential to point out the coupe does rest a little lower to the ground, which offers a much better center of gravity. That will provide the sports car a limited benefit when it concerns E9x 328i dealing with. Anyways, these specs are so comparable they shouldn’t affect a choice on coupe vs sedan in our opinion.

BMW E90 328i Reliability

In US models, the N52 engine was the least effective engine in the E9x 3-series, as well as the only alternative in the 2007-2013 328 i. Though, as we reviewed with the specs the N52 still supplies a lot of performance for a lot of. When it pertains to reliability the simplicity of the N52 really works in its support. Unlike the twin turbo N54 335i and high-revving S65 V8. While they’re both excellent engines in their very own respect they’re much more challenging and typically costlier to have.

Point is– it’s likely fair to consider the N52 328i among one of the most reliable gasoline 3-series engines for the E90 generation. The engine does struggle with its reasonable share of common problems such as the cooling system, oil leakages, as well as a couple of other concerns. Have a look at the below write-up for more info on N52 reliability in the BMW 328i.

In addition, the 328i is a lower-end, basic BMW 3-series. It does not have all of the high-end features and electronics you might find on a larger 5 or 7 collection. That, again, works in favor of the E9x 328i. We additionally think the simpleness of the 328i makes it a pleasure to drive, but we’ll bring that up in the coming areas.

Is the E9x 328i Reliable?

We type of mentioned this question in the previous area, but didn’t tackle it directly. Our solution is … yes as well as no. Compared to the same generation N54, N55, and S65 engines the N52 does offer better reliability. Looking from a relativity perspective after that, yes, the E90 as well as E92 328i are reliable autos.

Although, do not expect the BMW 328i to be a cheap car to possess. It is still a performance influenced auto that’s a little bit extra requiring on upkeep than your typical car. When it comes to labor and components, BMW’s are also more pricey to fix than your ordinary automobile. Age is another element considering that the E90 and also E92 framework are 8-14 years of ages currently.

Read more: Guide for BMW N54 Spark Plugs

Keep the N52 engine and 328i well and they’ll likely return respectable reliability. , if they were newer we would claim they’re a bit more reliable.. BMW’s do have their share of usual troubles as they surpass 10 years old (that can be claimed for many autos to be fair).

Should You Buy an E9x 328i?

Naturally, we can’t absolutely answer this inquiry because it’s subjective. We will state that we believe the E90 generation 328i makes for a compelling alternative. It’s very easy to locate these vehicles in the sub $10,000 price range. The 328i likewise offers a good equilibrium of performance, taking care of, fuel economy as well as reliability. Again, expect a little extra maintenance because of its performance nature as well as age.

If you’re undecided we wrote an E90 buyers overview right here. We believe the N52 powered E90 328i is a good selection for the modest enthusiast seeking an enjoyable all over automobile. Those seeking a little bit extra power will likely prefer the 335i or one more sportier, effective auto. Then we think most will enjoy the E90 328i as an incredible cars and truck that can do a little bit of everything on the road, if power isn’t a huge concern.

BMW E90 & E92 frequently asked question’s.

Several of this info was likely already covered in the specs and various other information we talked about in this post. Nonetheless, we’ll dive into a few frequently asked question’s for the E90/E92 328i.

What Engine is in the E90 328i?

All United States model E90 328i’s use the N52B30 engine (N52 for short).

How Much Does the E90 328i Weigh?

Both the sports car and also sedan 328i versions been available in appropriate around 3350 lbs. The car surprisingly has a small benefit as a result of its shorter length. Anyways, the E9x 328i is a rather light cars and truck by contemporary standards. Be cautious of additional features considering that they can include weight promptly.

What is the N52 328i Oil Capacity?

Oil capacity for the 2007-2013 328 i with the N52 engine is 7 quarts (6.5 litres).

What is the E90 328i Top Speed?

The top speed of the 328i is online limited to 130mph. With the sport bundle top speed increases to 155mph for the E9x 328i. With no guv the top speed is around 160-165mph, yet it will certainly take a great deal of roadway to arrive.

How Much Power Does the E9x 328i Have?

Power is available in at 230hp and also 200 lb-ft of torque from the factory. A comparable variation of the N52 making 252hp is in the 330i (a consumption manifold as well as tune can bring the output near that of the 330i). Include a couple of extra bolt-ons and the N52 328i can make concerning 270-290 horse power.

Is the E90/E92 328i AWD?

Basic 328i designs are RWD. However, there is an E90 328xi which is all wheel drive (AWD). The x in the badging suggests AWD.

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