2025 Tesla Model Y Review, New Design, and Performance

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2025 Tesla Model Y Review, New Design, and Performance. The Model Y is Tesla’s entry-level SUV, yet that doesn’t imply everybody will intend to enter the world of electric vehicles (EVs) in this manner. Some might go with the lower-cost Tesla Model 3 sedan, while others may discover an EV from a much more traditional automaker extra enticing. But if you’re trying to find a decent variety of modern features, the 2025 Tesla Model Y is a delicious option. Maybe it’s a gotten preference, but a tasty one nevertheless.

Tesla presented the Model Y in 2020. By the first quarter of 2025, it was the successful vehicle on the planet.

Tesla does not alter its automobiles every model year. Rather, the firm routinely updates the features readily available on its EVs. For 2025, the Tesla Model Y can be found in 3 trim levels: base, Long Range, and Performance. Costs vary from the high $40,000 s to the mid-$ 50,000 s, including the destination charge to deliver the SUV from among Tesla’s united state manufacturing facilities in The golden state or Texas to your local Tesla shop.

For this 2025 Model Y review, I test-drove the Performance Twin Motor AWD model in Michigan in very early summer season. It came with extra-cost Deep Blue Metallic exterior paint and the optional black and white inside. At the time of the analysis, the supplier’s suggested retail price for this arrangement was $58,130, consisting of the $1,390 location charge and a $250 order cost. Since publication, the Model Y is eligible for a government income-tax credit history of up to $7,500. Added incentives and discounts could be offered in your location.

2025 Tesla Model Y Review, New Design, and Performance


Direct acceleration was, certainly, the highlight of my Tesla Model Y Performance Twin Electric motor AWD drive. Both electric motors in the Model Y provide an official zero-to-60-mph acceleration time of just 3.5 secs.

The problem is that the EV does not stand apart on squiggly roadways the method it does when going straight ahead. The Model Y deals with penalty in the curves, never really feeling sloppy or unclear, however it’s not particularly engaging to drive.

Comfort, Criterion, and Sport guiding modes ought to enable most vehicle drivers to find the right feel. The Criterion mode provided the most effective balance in between convenience and capacity, but Sport was additionally slightly fascinating on the appropriate roadways. I really did not get to check the SUV’s closed-circuit-only Track Setting.

Straight roads are likewise the best time to see how fast you’re going. There’s no vehicle information of any type of kind noticeable directly behind the guiding wheel since whatever is on the main display. It’s not the worst thing on the planet, however it is an additional instance of Tesla deciding that looks are more crucial than usefulness.

As you attempt to rush with significant curves, even more of the Model Y’s driving flaws arise. The EV’s adaptive air suspension is frustrating, feeling too firm on anything yet the smoothest roadways. Yet the Y’s limited suspension does not translate into a lively handling feel. At the very least the EV remains silent in mostly all scenarios.

The EPA says the 2025 Model Y has a main variety of 303 miles, translating to 30 kWh of energy use to travel 100 miles (30 kWh/100 mi). During my time with the Model Y, I balanced 32.2 kWh/100 mi, which indicates I would get less than 300 miles on a full charge. (A greater kWh number implies the EV eats more power to go the very same range).

2025 Tesla Model Y Review, New Design, and Performance


Tesla really did not make major aesthetic changes to the Model Y’s outside for 2025, yet the interior looks as though the car manufacturer had taken minimalism a bit also far. Upon initial look, the tidy lines and absence of switches provide the impression of a stylish interior. However, the sporadic dashboard is the very first hint that you do not operate a Tesla the way you would various other cars.

For example, there’s no on-off switch, so Tesla created an animation for the 15.0-inch center touchscreen that shows where to swing the key card while stepping on the brake to transform it on. (The radio frequency recognition, or RFID, transmitter is under the center armrest.) Hold the essential near the bottom of the column between the front and rear doors to lock and shut off the SUV when you leave the vehicle.

The artificial natural leather on the seats and suede and soft plastics on the dashboard collaborate to improve this stylish impact. However it’s practically as well sporadic and tidy. There’s no straightforward switch to run the glovebox, for instance. Instead, Tesla calls for that you touch with a series of food selection buttons on the touchscreen to open it.

At the very least the car’s temperature and volume controls are always offered at the end of the touchscreen. As soon as you get made use of to these peculiarities, you can drive the car without questioning every minute exactly how to control this or that attribute. Still, I would have substantially valued a row of physical buttons under the display, especially if they were user-programmable.

The Model Y’s interior isn’t completely impractical. There are 2 cupholders in the center console and water bottle owners in the doors. 2 protected storage compartments under the facility armrest make it easy to keep little products from cluttering the look. Various other functional touches include cordless mobile phone charging for 2 devices under the dashboard and 4 USB-C charging ports, 2 in front and two for the rear travelers.

I discovered all 5 seats positions to be comfortable, and the rear seats to have a lot of legroom. Getting your Model Y with two small seats in the freight hold is also feasible, permitting the electric SUV to lug 7 individuals.

2025 Tesla Model Y Review, New Design, and Performance

Expenses, the large glass moonroof offers the interior an open feel, yet the lack of a physical color is irritating. Tesla states the glass can protect you from infrared and ultraviolet light. Still, I chose to use a hat while driving whenever the sunlight was out.

Tesla Model Y cargo-space measurements rely on whether you have actually gotten the third-row seat. With the alternative, the Model Y offers 12.8 cubic feet of room with 7 individuals aboard, 26.6 cu-ft with 5 people along for the ride, and 67.9 cu-ft behind the pole positions. Add the 4.1 cu-ft front trunk, or frunk, and you have 72 cu-ft of complete cargo volume.

The five-passenger Tesla Model Y’s cargo-space dimensions are 30.2 cu-ft behind the rear and 72.1 cu-ft behind the pole positions, plus the frunk, for an optimum total of 76.2 cu-ft.


The Model Y’s interior and Tesla’s reputation assure a sophisticated experience from the driver’s seat, and this EV does not let down. Tesla’s software offers lighthearted and unnecessary features, such as an electronic fart-sound generator and the capacity to play computer game. Yet it likewise supplies sensible features such as an energy-consumption chart and a mild chime to signal you when the traffic control turns green.

2025 Tesla Model Y Review, New Design, and Performance

When the Model Y is parked, such as at a Tesla Supercharger terminal, the capacity to view video clips from YouTube or paid subscription services such as Netflix or Hulu is cool, and the common costs sound system in the Model Y suggests top quality streams ought to seem crisp and full.

The Model Y has its restrictions, however. There’s no Apple CarPlay or Android Auto link, yet I discovered that pairing a phone via Bluetooth was pain-free. There are various other peculiarities. You close some windows on the screen by swiping down and others by touching an X in the corner of the screen.

Tesla’s voice-recognition software comprehended my demands well, yet application was hit or miss. For instance, if I had a food selection tile open on the screen, such as the radio page or the car setups page, and I asked the car to navigate to a destination, the results remained concealed behind the already open ceramic tile, making it seem like the technology had not been reacting.

My examination vehicle did not have the optional Complete Self-Driving Capacity or Enhanced Auto-pilot progressed driving-assistance systems (ADAS), so I did not test these more advanced features. All Model Ys feature basic Autopilot, which I’ve found to be a good starter bundle for motorists being familiar with ADAS. To be absolutely clear: No Tesla automobiles are completely self-governing, self-driving lorries today.

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Tesla is trying, however, to construct self-confidence in the self-driving tech of tomorrow. For example, a Complete Self-Driving visualization preview feature enables Tesla drivers to observe the parts of the globe their car views as they relocate later on. You can set the display to show the various things that the Model Y’s technology determines, such as electronic representations of bordering vehicles and also website traffic cones on the side of a road.

On the other hand, the EV’s real-time details makes it clear that it’s not all set for a driver to rely on the car to handle everything. Tesla’s present software isn’t completely precise. While the system did successfully identify building cones and wastebasket during my test drive, it did not show every car quit on the side of the roadway and missed plenty of various other vehicles and close-by items.

I additionally disagreed with the system concerning what counts as nearly leaving a lane, which meant I heard plenty of incorrect signals when I had Lane Assist engaged. The beeping is bothersome, yet you can turn it off.

2025 Tesla Model Y Review, New Design, and Performance

The National Highway Web Traffic Safety Management has actually not yet ranked the 2025 Model Y for safety. However, the Insurance Policy Institute for Highway Safety gives the 2025 Model Y a Top Safety Select+ ranking for the 2025 fiscal year.


The 2025 Tesla Model Y is a good car, but it’s not going to be a good car for everybody. The marketplace has plenty of all-electric SUVs, consisting of the Ford Mustang Mach-E, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Kia EV6, and Volkswagen ID.4.

The Model Y is a tech-forward EV with strong safety features and a few profane little bits, though these are frequently hidden behind yet one more menu on the necessary infotainment screen.

After coping with the Tesla Model Y for simply a couple of days, though, it’s obvious to me why this EV is so preferred– one of the most popular, in fact. Who am I to differ with millions of happy clients?