2025 Volvo EX30 Release Date, Review, and Specs

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2025 Volvo EX30 Release Date, Review, and Specs. Look down the listing of budget-minded affordable electrical automobiles (EVs) s, and you’ll locate extra misses out on than hits. The checklist is admittedly short, but whether it’s early instances such as the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and Nissan Fallen leave or even more recent choices such as the Chevrolet Bolt EV, there just have not been too many options on the market that you can call economical and desirable.

I’ve driven those EVs and a lot more, and I can confidently say that the 2025 Volvo EX30 is shaping up to be the most compelling affordable EV to hit the market yet. It will not go on sale in the United States until mid-2024, yet after spending a couple of days behind the wheel of a pre-production European-spec model, I can with confidence state it’ll be something worth waiting for.


When the brand-new Volvo EX30 involves the united state market in mid-2024, the producer’s suggested list price will certainly start in the mid-$ 30,000 array. That will be for a rear-wheel-drive Solitary Motor Extended Variety model with the Core trim level. The higher Plus trim will begin just below $40,000, while the Ultra will simply damage $40,000.

Step up to an EX30 Double Electric motor Performance design with all-wheel drive, and the beginning price is in the mid-$ 40,000 range for the entry-level And also trim. (There is no dual-motor EX30 Core.).

2025 Volvo EX30 Release Date, Review, and Specs

Ultra is the highest possible trim level and adds about $2,000 to that. While formal pricing for all choices is unavailable since magazine, the destination charge to deliver the electric SUV from the Ghent, Belgium, or Zhangjiakou, China, setting up plant will be $1,295. Volvo has yet to validate which factory will supply The United States and Canada.

For this review, I drove a Solitary Motor Extended Range and Double Motor Performance EX30 in Barcelona, Spain. Though these were European designs, they vary from U.S.-spec designs only in a few minor styling information, consisting of brownish-yellow directional signal on the rear, plus software changes, such as the European Union-mandatory rate limitation warnings. Volvo provided the SUV for me to test and paid for plane tickets, accommodations, and dishes.


My time driving the EX30, both the single- and dual-motor versions, was largely invested in and around Barcelona, motoring with the most awful of the city’s rush-hour website traffic before running away up into the hills to the north and west for even more perky driving.

Throughout my screening, the single-motor EX30 balanced 26.3 kWh per 100 miles, and the dual-motor returned 31.5 kWh per 100 miles. Remember that these were pre-production versions, and given it was a test, a reasonable bit of difficult acceleration was entailed. When determining efficiency in this manner, the lower the kWh figure, the far better. In contrast, the 2024 Hummer EV takes in 63 kWh while a 2023 Tesla Model 3 solitary electric motor eats 25 kWh over that exact same distance, according to EPA estimates.

The dual-motor EX30 is prodigiously quick yet not anxious like the XC40 can occasionally really feel. The acceleration contour is subtle and kicked back, such that you need to dig deep right into the pedal traveling before you mobilize all the electric equines hiding in those electric motors. Get them all trotting in tune, and this Volvo is incredibly rapid.

The single-motor EX30 is additionally speedy. It darts from light to light with zeal and has a lot of power for merging and passing on the freeway.

Once up to speed, the EX30 is tranquil and peaceful. There’s a little bit of wind and tire noise, however it’s less than you might anticipate, provided the size and price of the auto.

2025 Volvo EX30 Release Date, Review, and Specs

The EX30’s sophisticated demeanor is most obvious when driving over broken, bumpy roadways. The trip high quality is rather excellent, whether on the 19- or 20-inch wheels. The EX30 floats just a little bit when agitated by huge bumps yet then quickly clears up and brings you on your means. It doesn’t float along, yet the SUV’s trip provides itself to a much more unwinded way of driving that’s additionally more effective.

Light and crisp steering underscore that feeling, yet there are 3 resistance degrees need to you want a stronger feeling when working through the bends. The low-rolling-resistance tires give up grip early and commonly, complaining a fair bit all the while, but the EX30 is or else a skilled corner carver.

Likewise, the brakes exhibit a long, gentle throw, and you’ll need to relocate your foot over to that pedal regularly than you could like since the regenerative braking is as well light. The EX30 uses an intended one-pedal driving setting that will certainly bring the auto down to a total quit, yet its deceleration rate is less than I like. Worse, you can not adjust it. The only method to ask for even more regen is to tip harder on the brake pedal.


The EX30 has a familiar Volvo appearance while showing up fresh and brand-new. Approach it from the back, and you’ll detect the stacked taillights that are so usual of the brand name. Below they’re divided, with lights running up the back roofing pillars standing separate from those at the rear of the automobile.

At the front you’ll find the Thor’s hammer headlights characteristic of contemporary Volvos, but they’re broken up right into private pixels for a contemporary panache.

The remainder of the EX30 has a tidy, basic style, with thick back roof pillars that make this look like a next-generation, downscaled XC40. It isn’t a design that will certainly stun or awe, however it lugs a sophistication that few tiny crossover SUVs do.


The within, however, is one more tale. The Volvo EX30’s interior drastically varies from any other vehicle. Though developed to conserve money, that frugality encounters as more of a focus on effectiveness instead of a brand name squeezing dimes. There’s no scale collection, as an example. Volvo incorporates whatever into the upright, 12.3-inch touchscreen, just like in a Tesla.

Another instance is the lack of audio speakers in the front doors. The EX30 rather counts on an audio bar that runs the windscreen’s size at its base. That’s an odd choice, however the result is surprisingly reliable.

2025 Volvo EX30 Release Date, Review, and Specs

Volvo also concentrates on renewable materials within the new Volvo EX30. As an example, recycled window panes make up the shone surface area across the control panel. Several of these products do really feel low-cost, but the clean, honest layout of every little thing creates a bright area that made me smile.


The EX30 is not a big vehicle whatsoever. At 166.7 inches long, it’s 7 inches smaller than also Volvo’s XC40. From the pole position, you truly will not see it. There’s a lot of legroom and 41.7 inches of clearance between the seat and the breathtaking glass roofing system, which is conventional on the Plus and Ultra trims.

Relocate to the rear seats, however, and you might feel cramped. Headroom is still charitable, but legroom is restricted. And while the EX30 will certainly seat five, the 3 in the rear will certainly feel much more comfy if they are slim of shoulder and hip.

I sampled both the common artificial natural leather and the readily available customized wool-blend upholstery, and both were rather comfortable. The power-adjustable seats have all the appropriate relocations, consisting of for lumbar assistance, and Volvo utilizes top quality products on all the significant touchpoints. Understanding that those materials are completely vegan and renewably sourced makes them really feel good in a different kind of way.


Given its svelte dimensions, the EX30’s optimum freight capacity of 31.9 cubic-feet is reasonable. That’s not much. And the major storage compartment behind the rear seats is a lot more cramped, measuring a little 14.1 cu-ft. That’s hardly more than a compact car’s trunk. It is surprisingly deep, nevertheless, and can transport tall items such as baby strollers or plants.

Thoughtfully, Volvo presumed regarding emboss a little representation on the back of the freight area cover to reveal you what fits and where. That thoughtfulness continues in the cabin, with cupholders that move out from the armrest and a little container that embeds beneath. It’s simple to pull out and clean, making it a fantastic place for garbage.

There is a frunk, but it’s tiny, supplying sufficient area for carrying a charging wire and little else.

2025 Volvo EX30 Release Date, Review, and Specs


Volvo was just one of the initial automakers to use an infotainment system developed atop Android Automotive software program. While the Google Maps experience was strong, it was at first shateringly standard, with a marginal selection of available apps and neither Android Vehicle neither Apple CarPlay. It has advanced given that but still leaves something to be preferred.

For the brand-new 2025 EX30, Volvo is releasing a second-generation Android-based experience that is far more capable and easy to use. That’s good because the general lack of physical controls means you’ll continuously be tapping away at that 12.3-inch touchscreen. And, without any separate scale cluster, you’ll require to reference the top section of the infotainment display for critical info like rate, equipment, and vehicle condition.

While just some of the test vehicle’s software program worked, system performance appeared appropriate. It integrates Google Aide and Google Maps, and discovering dining establishments or various other points of interest need to be a cinch. You can likewise utilize voice commands to change environment and vehicle settings. Those who ‘d choose to do the Apple thing will find cordless CarPlay this moment around, yet Android Vehicle is still not supported yet, sadly.

That Harman Kardon sound bar, included with And also and Ultra trim, does not have the punch of an extra comprehensive system, but it appears fantastic. The infotainment system’s clear, bright noise belies its graceful dimensions, and it has a lot of power to load the EX30’s tiny cabin.


Though tiny, the EX30 is not lacking for sensing units. With a monstrous five radar components plus video cameras and ultrasonic emitters, it can see the globe everywhere. Go with the Ultra trim, and you can see it, also, thanks to the 360-degree surround-view electronic camera system. That might seem like excessive for such a tiny vehicle, yet with the EX30’s wide rear roofing system pillars, rearward visibility is rather limited. The electronic cameras were handy when maneuvering out of a few difficult situations during my screening.


All those sensing units, certainly, likewise feed into the EX30’s sophisticated driving-assistance systems (ADAS), which are thorough, as you would certainly anticipate from a Volvo. As standard tools, the EX30 features:.

  • Forward-collision warning.
  • Front and back automatic emergency braking.
  • Pedestrian and cyclist discovery.
  • Blind-spot monitoring with energetic steering.
  • Cross-traffic informs with automatic emergency braking.
  • Driver surveillance system.

Step up to the Ultra, and you also get Volvo’s Pilot Help system, with a sophisticated lane-keeping aid and lane-centering help coupled with flexible cruise ship control that immediately adjusts speed to match the uploaded limits.

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In my screening on country roads and freeways, the EX30 did a great job keeping itself focused within the lane, changing rate as proper, and even concerning a full quit when needed. The manufacturing EX30 will certainly also offer an assisted lane-change system, however on this pre-production design, the attribute was not active.


As of magazine, neither the National Highway Web Traffic Safety Management (NHTSA) neither the Insurance Policy Institute for Freeway Safety (IIHS) has actually carried out crash examinations on the 2025 Volvo EX30. Check the NHTSA and IIHS web sites for updates.

2025 Volvo EX30 Release Date, Review, and Specs


Whether you select the single- or dual-motor variety of the EX30, you’ll obtain a vehicle that goes a long way on a relatively small, 69-kWh battery pack. Volvo approximates the EPA-rated array for the dual-motor variety will be 265 miles, with the single-motor variety taking a trip 275 miles on a charge.

Horsepower and torque numbers are additionally impressive. The dual-motor deals a massive 422 horse power and 400 pound-feet of torque. That gives the EX30 an estimated zero-to-60-mph velocity time of 3.4 seconds. The single-motor steps down to a still-respectable 268 horse power and 253 lb-ft, provided specifically through the back wheels. Volvo declares it speeds up to 60 miles per hour in 5.1 seconds.


The upcoming 2025 Volvo EX30 is the brand’s most engaging electrical vehicle yet and among its most eye-catching alternatives ever before. It could simply be the ultimate enabler for EV-curious customers. With its worth rates, fresh looks, environmental emphasis, and solid performance, it’s hard to find a considerable problem in addition to its absence of passenger and freight room.

My only problem is whether Volvo will certainly be able to develop enough of them to meet demand. The marketplace is flush with high-dollar, luxury EVs that wow the detects but would certainly damage most spending plans. The Volvo EX30 offers a really superior look in a functional, thrifty plan. It’s the real deal.