What exactly is BMW BluePerformance AdBlue?

What exactly is BMW BluePerformance AdBlue?. Around 2009, BMW launched the “BMW EfficientDynamics” program. EfficientDynamics is the name of a strategy for BMW to minimize CO2 emissions and improve fuel efficiency all while taking full advantage of performance. The method features around six various innovations established by BMW to do just that.

BMW BluePerformance with AdBlue is among the EfficientDynamics innovations, launched in 2009 in the 335d and X5 xDrive35d. BluePerformance was offered in Europe starting in 2012, in advance of the EU6 emissions standards rolling out in 2014.

What is BMW BluePerformance?

BluePerformance is a technology found in BMW diesel motor to decrease nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. This innovation is required for diesel vehicles to satisfy the EU6 emissions requirements, along with California emissions standards for the US.

What is AdBlue Fluid?

BluePerformance vehicles include a second fluid tank, next either situated to your fuel tank or in the engine compartment, which utilize AdBlue fluid.

This fluid “AdBlue” is a marketing term for Diesel Exhaust Fluid. This fluid is injected into the SCR oxidation catalyst to break down unburnt fuel into water and nitrogen. The fluid is a mix of 32.5% urea and 67.5% de-ionized water.

What exactly is BMW BluePerformance AdBlue?

Where do I add the AdBlue Fluid?

For BMW’s with the tank in the engine compartment, here is a photo of the area. It is the tank with the blue cap on it:

BMW AdBluePin

If your AdBlue refill lies next to your fuel tank, it will look like this:

What exactly is BMW BluePerformance AdBlue?

How does BluePerformance work?

The system uses SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology, which places an oxidation catalyst after the exhaust manifold. The oxidation catalyst features a diesel particle filter in the exact same unit and a SCR catalyst with urea injection in it.

The unit filters out little particles from the exhaust gas and injects urea, or diesel exhaust fluid, into the driver to effectively minimize NOx emmissions. This procedure generates ammonia within the SCR catalyst which transforms nitric oxides in the exhaust gas into nitrogen and water vapor.

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BMW’s BluePerformance technology uses a two-tank system in which AdBlue fluid is injected into the active tank with a dosage pump. The active tank is connected to a passive tank which holds the AdBlue fluid.

The SCR system is eventually managed by the engine’s ECU which controlled how much fluid is injected into the system.

How frequently do I require to include AdBlue fluid?

The AdBlue tank diminishes fluid over time and requires to be refilled due to the fact that the system continuously injects fluid.

AdBlue needs to be refilled every 15,000 km or 10,000 miles on BMW’s. As soon as you get down to either 1,600 km or ~ 1,000 miles left of fluid, you will get a dashboard light informing you that you require to add extra fluid. Adding fluid is as easy as pouring more fluid into the reservoir tank, next either situated to your fuel tank or in your engine compartment. BMW offers free refills for the very first 4 years or 50,000 miles, but DIY’ing it is incredibly easy and can save you a journey to the dealer.

If you run low on AdBlue fluid, your BMW will go into limp mode and start running improperly till its filled up.

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