Ford Ranger PHEV 2025: Changes, Specs, and Cost

Ford Ranger PHEV 2025: Changes, Specs, and Cost. The honest Ford Ranger 2025 PHEV is going on sale in America, per records. This design will certainly end up being initial plug-in hybrid pickup truck in USA and it will directly measure up to Toyota Tacoma. The 2025 Ranger has actually been introduced last month. It will have three powertrain choices and also it will somewhat depart from its sibling in Australia.

A plug-in hybrid version will certainly be a video game changer. On the other hand, we don’t understand if this model is coming this year, or in early 2025. Regardless, Ranger PHEV will obtain a lot of points from Bronco SUV. While we are waiting to hear more information, this is what we understand presently.


The Ford Ranger 2025 remains to defend leading honors in America’s mid-size truck market amongst rivals like the Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, and also Chevrolet Colorado. The Ford is not a brand-new cars and truck whatsoever, and the 2025 version is the last design year of the existing T6 generation that initially arrived in the USA in 2019. This model has actually been on sale in global markets considering that 2011, and a new Ranger is already for sale in markets such as Europe, Australia, and South Africa, and shows up in the US this year as a 2025 version.

Ford Ranger PHEV 2025: Changes, Specs, and Cost

As for the old Ford Ranger we review right here, it’s still powered by the very same 270-horsepower turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine connected to a ten-speed automatic, and also it can be had in 2 cab designs and also with 2 bed sizes. It offers an option between 2WD and 4WD. In spite of its age, it still installs a worthy fight, with a solid powertrain and also excellent towing qualifications. It goes into its last model year with nary a modification with the exception of an adjustment to the paint palette and a new available package.

First Plug-In Hybrid Pickup in the USA

It seems like several vehicle manufacturers skipped the hybrid powertrain and went straight for a full electrification. Consequently, we currently have numerous all-electric trucks. Thanks to that, the Ford Ranger 2025 PHEV might end up being the extremely initial pickup in USA with plug-in hybrid powertrain. Toyota is regularly upgrading Tacoma and also Expanse versions, and Ford Maverick is currently readily available with a traditional hybrid arrangement.

Nonetheless, Ranger will certainly be the first one with PHEV choice. In Australia, we expect similar end result, if not the same. No matter what happens, mid-size Ranger will supply at the very least 3 engine choices in years to find. Once Again, Ford Bronco SUV will have fantastic influence on the upcoming Ranger. As a result of that, 2 models will share the same hybrid powertrain.

Ford Ranger PHEV 2025: Changes, Specs, and Cost

Ford Ranger 2025 Changes: What’s The Difference vs The 2024 Ranger?

The 2025 Ranger progress essentially the same this year, yet it obtains a new paint color called Azure Gray Metallic Tri-Coat, replacing the now-discontinued Cyber Orange. Apart from that the brand-new Sprinkle Jungle Edition aesthetic bundle appears for the flagship Lariat trim with the SuperCrew body. This bundle gets its very own unique new color called Eruption Green Metallic and it gets a black mesh grille.

What Regarding Electric Ranger?

As we previously reported, Blue Oval carmaker already submit trademark applications for Ranger Rumbling model. Not only that, F-150 Rumbling and also Radical Rumbling are additionally under the hallmark. Certainly, F-150 Rumbling became F-150 Lightning, but electric lineup is broadening.

Natural outcome is an all-electric Ranger. The approaching 2025 Ford F-150 PHEV will certainly be a nice bridge in between routine Ranger and Ranger EV. On the other hand, many records are claiming that the all-electric Ranger will certainly not arrive in following 3 or four years.

Ford Ranger PHEV 2025: Changes, Specs, and Cost

Ford Ranger PHEV Changes and Specs

The upcoming Ford Ranger 2025 PHEV will be brand new, as Blue Oval supplier intends to introduce next-generation. Redesign is on the method, both in and out. New Ranger will sport bolder design, motivated by the larger F-150 model. The interior will additionally see transformations. Thanks to that, the consumers need to expect much more innovation, higher level of convenience and also improved safety. Under the hood, we currently stated that there will be three engine choices.

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A turbodiesel V6 perseverance the Ranger design overseas. The US-spec variant will have a base 2.3-liter four-cylinder gas engine. A more potent twin-turbo V6 is optional, and also plug-in hybrid powertrain is additionally on the way. Ranger Raptor will return to the United States. This high-performance model will certainly produce even more power and also it will feature additional off-road gear.

Ford Ranger PHEV 2025: Changes, Specs, and Cost

What’s the Price of the Ford Ranger 2025?

With the price of the most inexpensive new Ford Ranger 2025 XL trim beginning at $27,400, it holds a minor price benefit over the majority of its competitors. Next in line is the XLT at $31,460 and also on top of the heap is the Lariat at $35,500. These are the prices for each and every of the trims with the SuperCab body, the 6′ box, and 2WD.

Upgrading to the SuperCrew body with the 5′ box adds $2,185 to the XL and $1,960 to the XLT and also Lariat. Including 4WD includes another $3,645 to the XL, and also covers up the price of the top 2 trims with $3,485. These prices are the MSRP of each Ford Ranger trim and also don’t consist of the location cost of $1,495.

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