2025 Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot Review, Price

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2025 Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot Review, Price. It’s an amazing time for driver-assistance systems. While completely independent, self-driving robotaxies are already on the road in some parts of the country, progressed, hands-off systems are showing up on increasingly more personal cars. Designs from BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, and Lincoln will certainly allow you take your hands off the wheel and delight in the trip, as long as you debenture attention and grab that wheel once more at a minute’s notification.

Taking it to the following step, totally letting the car control itself, needs substantially advanced software program and hardware. That comes with a price, which’s what Mercedes-Benz is using with its brand-new Drive Pilot system. Mercedes Drive Pilot is the very first Level 3 self-driving system deployed in the U.S., which means that when made it possible for, the vehicle is entirely, legally in control of itself, for around $2,500 annually.

2025 Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot Review, Price


To help me identify if the technology deserves its price, Mercedes-Benz flew me out to Los Angeles, placed me up for a night in a hotel, and offered me a (mainly) billed electrical EQS car for a couple of hours of screening. Where much better than Los Angeles for assessing a system created to make taking care of web traffic a wind, after all.

What does that $2,500 yearly charge get you? Well, before you also begin with that, you require to purchase yourself a Drive Pilot-equipped car. The manufacturing versions Mercedes is piloting the system with include the electric EQS car and the S-Class. Drive Pilot-capable autos will certainly use various additional features for safety, like an entirely repetitive anti-lock braking sensor bundle, replicate digital control units, and a secondary power-steering system.

The vehicles also use lots of added sensing units, such as one in the front fender to spot moisture on the road and a better general practitioner module with single-centimeter resolution. One of the most noteworthy new function is the LIDAR scanner constructed right into the vehicle nose, which checks the world in advance in 3D.

2025 Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot Review, Price

All these sensing units and additional features include expense to the automobile, but interestingly, Mercedes-Benz is not passing that on to consumers. Drive Pilot-equipped cars and trucks will set you back no more than those without the attribute, at the very least for now. But if you want to actually make use of the service, you get on the hook for $2,500 for the first year.

That’s a deal contrasted to Tesla’s $12,000 Full Self-Driving alternative, but a fair bit much more costly than GM’s hands-off Super Cruise, which sets you back $25 monthly, or Ford’s BlueCruise, at $75 regular monthly.


Drive Pilot could be worth the added cost if you’re regularly and regularly stuck in low-speed website traffic. Though the Drive Pilot cars can drive themselves, they can just do so at quicken to 40 miles per hour. While that appears hopelessly restrictive in the majority of areas in the world, for Angelinos who spend hours trying to get across community on the I-10 every day to reach work, that could seem fairly sensible.

Nevertheless, the limitations don’t end there. Drive Pilot just operates in great weather condition (one more factor for Los Angeles), and only on significant roadways currently mapped in hd.

2025 Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot Review, Price

When conditions fulfill those criteria, enabling the system is a breeze. White lights illuminate on the guiding wheel when Drive Pilot has actually established all is copacetic, and after that all you need to do is press either of the two dedicated switches on the sides of the steering wheel. A little caution turns up on the control panel that you’ll require to verify with the OK button under your left thumb, and then the auto takes over.

Pale blue lights start to glow on the guiding wheel, and that’s your sign to let Mercedes take the wheel.

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The experience in the beginning resembled Super Cruise, but I understood the added versatility soon. For example, I was totally free to cue up YouTube video clips on the Hyperscreen main display screen of the EQE. That kind of functionality contrasts with hands-off Level 2 systems of driving automation, which will typically chime and complain should your eyes wander off the road for greater than a couple of secs.

2025 Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot Review, Price

Something I could not do however, was reach for my smart device. Though no more disruptive than seeing a video, smartphone use in those conditions is forbidden by The golden state and Nevada legislations. That’s an aggravating limitation– one that I hope gets a legal alteration soon. Up until after that, you’re basically stuck to what the Mercedes Benz Individual Experience infotainment system supplies.

While the car is technically and legally driving itself in this mode, you’re still not enabled to tune out entirely. Shut your eyes for greater than a couple of seconds and the cars and truck chimes. Look behind you for also lengthy and it’ll whine, as well. Eventually, you require to take control of the automobile within 10 seconds of the innovation triggering you. Those prompts include warning messages, lights, chimes, and ultimately a jerk of the seat belt.

These constraints significantly reduce the value of a system such as this. Still, it is essential to keep in mind these are early days. The operational envelope of Drive Pilot makes sure to broaden gradually, while those yearly costs will certainly guarantee development remains active. After all, if Mercedes-Benz wants recurring earnings, it needs to maintain sweetening the pot.

For now, I would certainly not advise Drive Pilot over something like Super Cruise or BlueCruise. That stated, if you’re an early adopter that wishes to be along for the following big step on the trip toward correct self-governing driving, this may be a great chance to climb up onboard.