The Complete Buyers Guide for BMW E82/E88 1 Series

The Complete Buyers Guide for BMW E82/E88 1 Series. The BMW 1-series made its first launching in 2004 in the form of the E87 5-door hatch. It had not been until 2008 that BMW brought the 1-series to The United States And Canada as the E82 coupe and also E88 convertible. Models include the 128i, 135i, and also famous 1M. We’ll refer to some foreign models, however this article is mostly targeting the US models. In this guide, we discuss the BMW E82 chassis and also contrast performance, reliability, and driving of the E82/E88 128i, 135i, and 1M.

BMW E82/E88 Performance

We have a dealing with section showing up next, so this part is primarily pertaining to engines and straight-line performance. We’ll be rather quick relocating through this subject considering that we offered a brief summary earlier. Lengthy story short, if you’re in the market for the ultimate performance E82/E88 after that you’ll intend to think about the N54 and N55. 135i and 1M models provide a fair bit extra performance right from the manufacturing facility.

Top that off with the fact the N54 and also N55 are very easy to change for even more power. Basic bolt-ons can easily press these engines to 400+ horsepower. When it comes to inner toughness as well as tuning capacity, the N54 does have the slight edge. Stock N54 twin turbos are good for 450-500whp, as well as turbo upgrades can quickly boost them to 500-600+ whp. Certainly, costs build up rapidly when shooting for large numbers like that.

The Complete Buyers Guide for BMW E82/E88 1 Series

Anyways, we might sit below as well as note off 0-60 and 1/4 mile times. All of those numbers differ based on motorists, problems, transmission, etc. If you desire performance after that the N54 or N55 powered 135i, 135is, as well as 1M are the means to go, point is–.

E82 128i, 135i, 1M Handling

Handling is one location the E82 as well as E88 chassis actually excel. Convertible models with comparable choices add concerning 200-275 extra pounds to the cars and truck. Therefore, some state you need to stay clear of the convertible if you desire dealing with. Most of the additional weight on the E88 sits down low. It’s not excellent to have more weight, but it’s less dangerous for taking care of when it takes a seat reduced. You still do shed some ability in addition to stopping and also acceleration.

Anyways, the BMW E82 1M is mosting likely to supply the most effective handling and all around performance. It makes sense given it’s the high performance version created by BMW’s epic M division. What concerning the 128i and 135i, though?

BMW 128i vs 135i Handling

This is where the BMW E82 128i gets a small edge over the larger 135i. Turbochargers add a great deal of added weight. The N52 also makes use of light weight magnesium, but for strength the N54 and N55 obtain light weight aluminum. N54 as well as N55 engines appear regarding 75 extra pounds larger than the N52 in the 128i. That added weight is all sitting right over the front axle.

In general, the 135i clocks in about 100-200 pounds larger than the 128i. It can, however, differ a great deal relying on specific features, transmission, and also more. No matter, the 128i does carry a small edge thanks to its lower weight– specifically over the front axle. They’re both qualified performers, though. Despite the extra weight the 128i vs 135i will certainly really feel comparable to the majority of chauffeurs. The additional power in the 135i is likely extra obvious than the weight difference.

The Complete Buyers Guide for BMW E82/E88 1 Series

E8x Chassis History Info

Again, we’re largely focusing on the US models. We’ll offer a quick failure of some beneficial info for the BMW E8x chassis. It’s available in the adhering to body designs:

  • E82– 2 door coupe
  • E88– 2 door convertible
  • E81– 3 door hatchback
  • E87– 5 door hatchback

US models just consist of the BMW E82 as well as E88 chassis. BMW 1-series models include:

  • 116i/ 116d
  • 118i/ 118d
  • 120i/ 120d
  • 125i/ 123d
  • 128i
  • 130i
  • 135i
  • 135is
  • 1M Coupe

E82 as well as E88 models in the US are just available in the 128i, 135i, 135is, and 1M. They were offered from 2008 through 2013.

E82/E88 Engines

A wide array of engines are readily available for the BMW 1-series. A great deal of this E82 buyers guide and contrast comes down to these engines. Foreign models include several choices, such as the N43, N47, n45, and also n46 diesel. There were likewise choices for the N55, n54, and n52. The last 3 will certainly be our prime focus as they’re the options offered in United States model 1-series cars and trucks.

  • N52– 3.0 L inline-6 naturally aspirated
  • N54– 3.0 L inline-6 twin turbo
  • N55– 3.0 L inline-6 solitary twin-scroll turbo

As we move through the 1-series buyers guide we’ll break down the engines further. In the meantime, let’s promptly talk about each of the 3.0 litre BMW inline-6 engines found in the E82 coupe and also E88 convertible.

The Complete Buyers Guide for BMW E82/E88 1 Series

BMW N52 Engine

Similar to every one of these engines the N52 is a 3.0 L inline-6. It offers 228 horse power in the BMW 128i model. International use of the N52 engine consists of the de-tuned 125i variation with 215 horse power and also a 130i with 255-261 horse power. All extremely reputable numbers for a tiny, light weight car.

The N52 powered 128i does absence turbos as well as remains the least effective variation of the United States 1-series. Some might appreciate the NA design and also simpler repair and maintenance, though.

BMW N54 Engine

The N54 is always a fascinating conversation. We fell for this engine, and also it’s mainly responsible for us starting this blog. However, those knowledgeable about BMW have actually most likely listened to lots of N54 scary stories. It was BMW’s initial attempt at an automation, straight shot, turbo engine.

Several facets of the N54 are fantastic, as well as it’s the modern formula for powerful performance engines. With 300 horse power, 300 torque, and very little turbo lag from the manufacturing facility it has solid performance. The N54 actually radiates in the aftermarket world where easy mods can conveniently take the N54 to 450-600+ horsepower. Again, the absence of reliability might scare lots of away.

* The N54 is discovered in the 2008-2010 E82/E88 135i and also 2012-2013 BMW E82 1M Coupe. 1M models receive a 335hp N54 making it one of the most effective E82/E88 1-series offered.

BMW N55 Engine

1-series models with the N55 engine include the 2011-2013 135 i as well as 2013 135is. The N55 offers the very same 300 horse power and 300 lb-ft of torque as the previous N54 engine. BMW took an action down in aftermarket capacity in support of working on reliability. The N55 135i is still with the ability of 400+ horse power with a couple of standard mods.

Some consider it a major reliability improvement over the N54. That was true in the early days since the N54 suffered from HPFP, turbo, and fuel injector problems. When it was new, the N55 really did not actually run right into those concerns. Those 3 problems have primarily been ironed out on the N54 by now. Or else, the N55 struggles with a number of the very same reliability worries.

BMW 1-Series Price

Since this is a buyer’s guide we’re focusing on current prices as of 2021 and also neglecting any kind of MSRP. There’s also very little to review when it involves present prices. Unless your budgeting $40,000+ for an 8-10 year old car you can go across the BMW 1M off the checklist. They’re incredibly uncommon and hard to find available for sale. Minority that appear available are typically in the $40,000 to $60,000 ballpark.

2013 BMW 135is models are one more pricey variant. They are also hard ahead by, as well as generally turn up in the $20,000 to $30,000 price range.

Routine 128i and also 135i models are the most convenient to discover, and can be found in at affordable prices. They can actually be discovered for really similar prices. Most 128i models vary from about $8,000 to $15,000. 135i models can also be had for less than $10,000. Newer 2011 to 2013 N55 models will likely run closer to $15,000+. Some tidy examples with lower gas mileage still run up to $20,000 or greater.

The Complete Buyers Guide for BMW E82/E88 1 Series

BMW E82 Reliability & Problems

Once more, we’ll fast given that we touched on this earlier. The previous web links to our engine problems guides are useful sources for certain concerns with each engine. One benefit to almost all BMW E82 as well as E88 models is their simplicity. They’re intended to be smaller, light-weight motorists vehicles. The 1-series BMW’s commonly come with a little bit much less technology and also features.

Power seats and also steering wheel adjustment (amongst numerous various other things) are frequently found on bigger 3-series and 5-series. While they were choices on some 128i and 135i models several are manual. The basic design does aid with reliability in preventing electrical gremlins that lots of older BMW’s seem to encounter.

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Every one of the engine choices can be hit-or-miss. The N52 128i most likely lugs a side since they’re NA engines. N54 and also N55 powered 135i models can be a bit extra requiring on maintenance. Straight shot brings about carbon build-up issues. Turbo engines melt via spark plugs as well as ignition coils. The E82/E88 turbo engines also leave even more space for possible failings.

Or else, these engines share several comparable reliability worries. Things like VANOS solenoids, shutoff cover gaskets, oil frying pan gaskets, water pumps, coolant tubes, development tanks, etc are all rather common problems. Specifically with the age of the BMW E82 1-series every one of these engines are most likely to need a little job periodically. Most repair work aren’t also costly for the DIY group, yet costs build up quickly if you most likely to a service center or supplier for whatever.

E82/E88 Buyers Guide Summary

BMW E82 as well as E88 chassis have many things choosing them. Autos as a whole proceed getting bigger and larger every year. The E82 128i, 135i, as well as 1M are all small and do not bring much weight about autos of the age. United States models all get 3.0 L inline-6 engines making the BMW 1-series a very capable vehicle.

Most will certainly require to go across the incredible BMW 1M off their list quickly. At $40,000-$60,000+ and with the N54 engine these vehicles aren’t inexpensive to acquire or preserve. The 135is is a compelling option, however they’re likewise pretty expensive for being an 8 years of age cars and truck.

For a lot of the BMW E82 comparison comes down to the 128i as well as 135i. They both have a lot to offer, and we think it’s hard to go wrong with either. BMW 135i models hold the edge in performance and also tuning, particularly with the twin turbo N54 engine. Nevertheless, the lighter 128i might be the much better choice for a balance of fuel reliability, handling, and also economy. They’re both extremely capable vehicles, so it truly simply comes down to individual choice.

What’s your experience with the BMW E82 & E88? Are you taking into consideration one?

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